Sacral Neuromodulation (Interstim)

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Drs Howden & Theofrastous have recently added a new therapy for women who suffer from an overactive bladder condition. It is called Sacral Neuromodulation or Interstim. It works by changing the way the bladder communicates with the brain through low level electrical signals sent through a small electrode placed in the lower back next to the sacrum. This therapy has been approved by the FDA since the 1990’s & has a long safety record with multiple studies supporting its effectiveness in women who do not get better with medications. It has also been approved for treating women who have difficulty emptying their bladder, & for bowel control issues as well.

The initial treatment is to place temporary electrodes with an external stimulator in the office to see if the therapy works. This is done using local anesthesia. If it does improve your symptoms a permanent stimulator is placed as an outpatient surgery in the next week. Many women have longstanding success with this treatment lasting for many years. There is some new evidence that the treatment may even cure the underlying problem with time.

Here is a presentation about Interstim & the conditions it can help:

Interstim Sacral Neuromodulation Therapy


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