Our Patients’ Comments About Our Practice

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Patient Satisfaction

We have embraced modern trends in health care which look at patient satisfaction as an important outcome in addition to providing high-quality treatments in improving your health.

Through our association with Mission Health, we constantly solicit feedback from our patients on what we are doing right, & what we can do better. This is done through a third-party research consultant by random phone interviews. The attentiveness of the staff and no wait time. We realize that your time is precious, &, if you are contacted for feedback, we appreciate your generosity in letting us know how we are doing.

These are a few of the comments from our patients as to why they rated us as “Excellent:”

“The doctor was good, I liked her…I was impressed with her.”

“His mannerisms and everything that went along with it”

“I thought everything was outstanding.”

“Their concern for my care.”

“She is an outstanding doctor.  She is very kind, her nurses are superb.”

“Her caring and compassion towards patients.  Her staff is awesome.”

“This was my first visit with this doctor and she made me feel so good.”

“He gave me extra general information.”

“The time the doctor spent with me, about what to expect in surgery.  He showed me a picture and showed me as well.”

“They were very efficient and very generous of their time and themselves.  And the same goes for the back staff and doctor.  I thought they were quite thorough, timely.”

“That she wanted to talk to me more as a friend than just a doctor, and she was there for me.  To listen to me.”

“Her compassion.”

“The attentiveness of the staff and no wait time.”


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