Robotics in Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

What is Robotic Surgery? Robotic surgery is a variation of conventional laparoscopic surgery in which the surgeon uses a computer to control the surgical instruments. It is an incredibly impressive & elegant tool. The FDA approved the “DaVinci” robot made by Intuitive Surgical for use in gynecologic surgery in 2005 . Conventional, or “straight stick,” non-robotic […]

Vaginal Rejuvenation

In an culture which promotes clinging to youthful appearance it is not surprising that focus has now shifted to our genitals. If you Google “vaginal rejuvation” you will retrieve dozens of pages of surgeons who are self-proclaimed “masters” of vaginal & labial plastic surgery. You will also see heart warming & wrenching testimonials of proponents […]

Bladder Infections

Urinary Tract Infections Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most common bacterial infections reported in the United States, with 84% occurring in women. More than half of women have had at least one UTI by the age of 32, with a lifetime occurrence of up to 70%. Twenty to 30% of these women will […]

Treatment of Vaginal Prolapse

  Like most things, prolapse occurs in different levels of severity. In mild forms of prolapse, no treatment is necessary & it is reasonable to see what will happen with time. In most women, their prolapse will slowly worsen with time. Exercise, straining, & sex will not significantly cause the condition to get worse; although […]

Vaginal Mesh in Surgery for Vaginal Prolapse FAQ

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What is vaginal mesh? Vaginal mesh is an artificial or biologic material which is used during vaginal surgery in the repair of women who have prolapse, or loss of support, of their pelvic organs. It is mainly used when the uterus or upper vagina is part of the prolapse. Why would vaginal mesh be used? […]