Breast & Gynecologic Ultrasound

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Western Carolina Women’s Specialty Center is pleased to offer onsite ultrasound services for both gynecologic & breast problems. We have a state-of the-art ultrasound machine capable of Doppler-flow & high resolution imaging for the evaluation of pelvic problems, abnormal uterine bleeding, & breast masses. We also offer ultrasound assisted diagnostic studies & procedures including ultrasound hysterography for improved evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding & breast ultrasound for core biopsies of the breast.  Ultrasound requests can be combined with a consultation, if desired, for greater ease of scheduling & increased convenience for your patients.

Ultrasound appointments are available for both diagnostic & consultative indications depending on your clinical needs. You may either call or fax (please see our web site) for an appointment, generally within one to two weeks notice.
If you have any questions, or any difficulty obtaining an appointment in a timely fashion, please let us know.

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