Digital Mammography

Digital mammography is performed in exactly the same way as screen film mammography. Instead of using film, however, the images are captured by technology similar to that used for digital cameras which convert the image to an electrical signal. The image is then stored electronically which allows for easier storage & transmission of images & […]

Adolescent Medical Issues

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Pap Smears and the Teenage Girl        Recent developments in understanding the natural history of human papilloma virus (HPV) virus & its role in cervical cancer have led to significant changes in recommendations for Pap smears in teens.             It’s been generally accepted for years that certain HPV viruses (the “high-risk” types) cause cervical cancer.  […]

Surgery for Bladder Control

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When treatment with pelvic muscle exercises does not work, it is reasonable to consider surgery to improve your bladder control. Over a hundred procedures for bladder control have been developed over the last century. Unfortunately, many of them have turned out to be ineffective, & some have proven to be dangerous. For over a century […]

Breast & Gynecologic Ultrasound

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Western Carolina Women’s Specialty Center is pleased to offer onsite ultrasound services for both gynecologic & breast problems. We have a state-of the-art ultrasound machine capable of Doppler-flow & high resolution imaging for the evaluation of pelvic problems, abnormal uterine bleeding, & breast masses. We also offer ultrasound assisted diagnostic studies & procedures including ultrasound […]

Welcome to Our Blog

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The physicians & staff of Western Carolina Women’s Specialty Center are dedicated to improving the health care & quality of life of women throughout the region. The quarterly “Women’s Health Care Update” is designed to address various health care concerns which commonly affect the lives of women who are referred to us for evaluation & […]

Sacral Neuromodulation (Interstim)

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Drs Howden & Theofrastous have recently added a new therapy for women who suffer from an overactive bladder condition. It is called Sacral Neuromodulation or Interstim. It works by changing the way the bladder communicates with the brain through low level electrical signals sent through a small electrode placed in the lower back next to the sacrum. This […]

Combined Hormone Replacement Therapy

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What Does the Women’s Health Initiative Tell Us About Combined Hormone Replacement Therapy? The results of a large study of women taking hormonal therapy were recently reported & have led to a great deal of confusion concerning the use of hormonal medications. The estrogen plus progestin component of the Women’s Health Initiative, sponsored by the […]

Sentinel Node Biopsy

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The status of the axillary lymph nodes has important prognostic significance in breast cancer.  In the past, the axillary lymph nodes were routinely removed.  This surgery is associated with significant morbidity including lymphedema and numbness and pain in the arm, shoulder, and axilla.  Sentinel lymph node biopsy is a new technique that decreases these complications […]